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KM Institute (Pty) Ltd, or KMI, is a leading Knowledge Management consultancy offering a wide range of Knowledge Management specific services and solutions - from Knowledge Management strategy consulting, using the unique Integr8ed Knowledge Management Framework, to Knowledge Management workshops and training sessions, Knowledge Management processes and products support and also advice on KM systems, tools and technologies.

KMI also offers specialized services for tacit knowledge discovery and capture, as well as on-line Knowledge Based surveys.


myKnowledgeMentor™ is a globally unique mobile learning and collaboration Mobile Mentoring App which meets the demands of the Modern Learner - and the Modern Knowledge Manager. This growing demand is driven by the need for Anywhere / Anytime / On-Demand / In-the-Moment / On-the-Job learning and context rich information - within a rapidly accessible and mobility enabled framework of situational understanding, episodic learning and a trusted knowledge network.

myKnowledgeMentor™ offers unparalleled communication, cooperation and collaboration amongst both small and large groups working in knowledge intensive environments.


myMentorAccelerator™ is a unique Mentor empowered personal and professional career acceleration Mobile Mentoring App. The highly customisable combinations of Mobile goal mining and tracking functionality, combined with the rich individual capability development and evaluation tools, provide a unique and ubiquitous enabler for any organisation or individual serious about the effective development and growth of their intellectual capital and people assets.

myMentorAccelerator™ offers unparalleled connectivity between those who know where they want to go, and those who can get them there.

KMI Consulting Services   KM Consulting Services  – a comprehensive range of KM consulting services, providing advice, component design or co-development of  scalable, end-to-end KM solutions, specifically to suit your organisational knowledge needs. These include:

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Knowledge Management training workshops and Structured Learning events  

Certified Modern Knowledge Manager (CMKM) Programmes

We now offer international accreditation with the 5 day Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Programmes, through our exclusive partnership for Southern, Central and Eastern Africa, with the KM Institute (USA).
21st to 25th November 2016 - Misty Hills Conference Centre
As a result of the huge fluctuations in the US$ / ZAR currencies at present (and unfortunately as predicted for the foreseeable future), this initial 2016 5 day Certified Modern Knowledge Manager (CMKM) course will be fixed at R38 500 plus VAT (based on an originally reduced US$ price of US$ 2 750) up until the end of September for payment - which will also entitle you to an early bird discount of a further 5% if paid in full before 30th September. The cost will then be adjusted to take into account the US$ / ZAR currencies exchange from early October.

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Integr8ed Knowledge Management Framework™  

Knowledge Mentoring™ is a neoteric, knowledge-centred and holistic approach to ensuring your organisation's success and sustainability in the global, knowledge driven economy, through leveraging the experiential wisdom of your most valued people assets! Our unique blended methodology is based on the book by Philip Marsh entitled "Knowledge Mentoring - a Framework to Bridge the Global Scarce and Critical Skills and Knowledge Crisis." and represents a carefully crafted synthesis between:

  • Brain Sensitising Learning and Memory Formation
  • Critical Knowledge Sharing best practices and techniques
  • Structured and Semi-Structured Mentoring Programme methodologies

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Critical Knowledge Exchange  

Critical Knowledge Exchange "Gamification" and Simulations - Knowledge Management Institute supports and fully subscribes to the wisdom of all successful facilitators, teachers and sages.... Learning should be FUN. There is a significant body of research to prove the importance and effectiveness of this...and our own life's journeys will have also introduced all of us to the benefits and value of improved long-term learning and memory formation when we have engaged in fun filled learning events.

We offer a range of Critical Knowledge Exchange and Sharing "Gamification" programmes and simulations such as:

  • Knowledge Pursuit™
  • Knowledge Ball™
  • Bird Island (Licenced)
  • Other Bespoke and Co-Developed Games and Simulations

Let the FUN ...and the Learning begin!

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5 day Certified Modern Knowledge Manager (CMKM)
This essential workshop is available for the 1st time ever in South Africa from 8th to 12th May 2017 - Register now to ensure your place


Mentoring 4 Success concludes an important Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South African Institute of Civil Engineers (SAICE)

Mentoring 4 Success is now able to offer a full Professional Registration Support Structured Mentoring Programme to the engineering and construction sector.

Philip Marsh received the Global Knowledge Management Leadership Award at the 2015 Global KM Congress in Mumbai, 23rd July


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Philip Marsh presented a keynote address on "Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives - a model for nation building through knowledge mentoring" at the annual SACPCMP Conference at the Sandton International Conference Centre on the 28th October, 2016

Philip Marsh presented a 3 hour masterclass on "Structured Mentoring in the Engineering and Construction Sectors" at the annual SACPCMP Conference at the Sandton International Conference Centre on the 26th October, 2016

Philip Marsh presented "Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives – a model for nation building through knowledge mentoring" at the Learning Innovation Africa Conference, at the Turbine Hall in Newtown on 21st September 2016

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